Cute Goodnight Texts for Her

Girls enjoy getting cute goodnight texts because it makes them happy and confident of your happy affection. Sending a lovely text is a way of improving your relationship. Texts can be a great way to make a lady happy. The matter is delicate and you have to send texts, or else someone would do it. … Read more

NIMC Enrolment Centers

Are you sad about the fact that you can’t link your sim card with NIN? See the complete list of NIMC Enrolment centers. Also, Check out how to link any sim with NIN here Scroll below to see more information on Enrolment Centres in each State. Abia State NIMC Enrolment Centers State Office National Identity … Read more

Yahoo mail is a free mail service from the web giant Yahoo Inc. Yahoo mail is easy to use and it is one of the foremost mail service providers ever known in the history of free mail service. It is a free personal and co-operates email service from Yahoo, having an inbox that is free of … Read more

Mahjong Trails Facebook

Facebook, apart from helping friends, families, and lovers keep in touch regardless of their distance apart also feature free games. These games are usually played by Facebook users in form of competition because everyone would be aiming at having the highest score or level while playing the game online. The game includes Mahjong games. Some … Read more

Gotv Bouquets and Channel List

  Got tired of visiting the movies all to catch up with my favourite programmes. I know its fun hitting the movies, getting to meet friends but its really not worth visiting everyday. Trying out the Gotv has really been an amazing choice I made, i could have all the fun i could imagine in … Read more

Mtn data plans and activation codes

The question of which network offers best data bundles has not seized to be a topic of argument among persons. whatever network anyone stands for, the fact that MTN over the years has been consistent in gleaming smiles on her customer’s faces with mind-blowing data plans should not be over-ruled. MTN, like most other networks, … Read more

How to Clear Facebook Activity Log

Facebook has a culture of bringing up our memories which could be about three, four, five or even six years ago back giving us an option to share with friends or keep it to ourselves. Some of these memories that Facebook reminds us of leave us laughing ourselves out looking at how we actually looked, … Read more

How Do I Change the Language On Facebook

The Facebook app gives the liberty to express yourself in whatever language of your choice. So, you can easily share your content in any language of your choice (as there are over 100 languages) provided you and your friends understand the Langauge. Apart from the internationally understood language which is English, you can change to … Read more

How to Make Photos Private on Facebook

Although Facebook often makes photos and other materials posted on the social media public where anyone can see it, we have been faced with the challenge of wanting some of our posts private. Since 2011, Facebook has changed it’s privacy settings thereby giving everyone the liberty to be in control of posts to be kept … Read more

How to Change Your Name on Facebook app

Several occasions call for a change of name on Facebook. Three of these reasons are Change of status, for instance, a lady would want to change her name after marriage. Addition of a tittle to one’s name based on his/her achievement. Maturity: e.g there are very funny names a teenager would bear on Facebook but … Read more