How to Clear Facebook Activity Log

Facebook has a culture of bringing up our memories which could be about three, four, five or even six years ago back giving us an option to share with friends or keep it to ourselves.

Some of these memories that Facebook reminds us of leave us laughing ourselves out looking at how we actually looked, some of it engulf us with so much pain, for example, a post of a loved one who died. Some of the posts leave us in regret.

Life, they say is unpredictable. Most people have a habit of bringing their private affairs to social media, as time goes on, they realize it would cause them a whole lot of trouble leaving such posts there.

Getting rid of rotting posts on your timeline which can tamper with your reputation is something to be given appropriate attention to. Get rid of those posts that are really not important.

The question is how do I get rid of those posts I no longer need on my timeline?

How to Clear Facebook Activity Log

Patiently follow these steps and in a jiffy, your timeline will be freed of irrelevant posts.

1) Launch Google Chrome Browser on your PC or Mac

You should note that there is no shortcut which you can use on your mobile device or your Facebook app so you can only use a PC or Mac for this job.

2) Log-In to your Facebook Account

Having launched the Google Chrome Brower on your PC, the next thing to do is to log in to your Facebook account.

3) Use the appropriate Extension for Chrome

You would need an extension for Chrome which would make your work easier. the extension is called “Social Book Post Manager” if you do not have the extension, go ahead and download it, install it in Chrome or directly open the link in the browser you were using to clear your Facebook activity log.

4) Head to where your “Activity Log” option is 

Furthermore, go to your Facebook profile, you will find the “View Activity Log” button, click on it. On the right-hand of the Facebook activity log, you will be given options to choose the activity you want to do away with and there you can start choosing the unwanted posts one after the other.

These posts include documents like videos and photos, posts uploaded by you and as well, the ones you were tagged in. Note that you are at liberty to hide those unwanted posts or delete them permanently.

5) Go ahead and delete the unwanted posts

If you want to remove everything, click on “Select All.” button. If you don’t want to delete everything, select the items you want to delete and choose the time frame you would be using; these could range from weeks to years.

Before deleting everything, you might want to save a copy of it, all you need to do is click on the gear at the top of the Facebook site and select Settings.

At the bottom of that page, there is a link to download your data. Facebook will assemble a package of everything you have posted, including photos and videos, and send you a link to a zip file. Now, you can keep a private copy of everything.

Deleting 30,000 things takes a long time. In the Activity Log, there’s a pencil icon next to each item. Clicking that shows a menu of options. Some items can be truly purged; the Delete option is in the menu itself.

Go ahead and keep your timeline all clean and free of unwanted posts.

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