Mahjong Trails Facebook

Facebook, apart from helping friends, families, and lovers keep in touch regardless of their distance apart also feature free games.

These games are usually played by Facebook users in form of competition because everyone would be aiming at having the highest score or level while playing the game online.

The game includes Mahjong games. Some of the Facebook Mahjong games have become so popular with several million active users per month.

Kinds of Mahjong Facebook Games

There are several kinds of Mahjong Facebook games including Mahjong Trail Facebook being our concern for this post but, we will bring in other inevitable Mahjong games as well.

Below are a total of ten Mahjong games inevitably placed by Facebook users.

  1. Mahjong pirates
  2. Mahjong temple
  3. Dragon King Mahjong
  4. Trails Mahjong
  5. Mahjong Zen
  6. Mahjong Gems
  7. Mahjong Blast
  8. Mahjong for two
  9. Prototseratopsy
  10. Mahjong Zen 2

Let us see how Mahjong Trail works;

This Facebook Mahjong game has more than 3 million users per month and is the world’s most popular at present. The Mahjong Trails’ key to success is in a great variety of cool layouts, stunning tilesets, backgrounds, powerful boosters and special missions for competitive players – Mahjong Trails has it all!

You can also enjoy playing beautifully designed layouts while traveling from places to places on the game for example; from Las Vegas to London, Paris to Rome and from the romantic Venice to MegaZebra’s hometown Munich.

Happy playing your Mahjong Trail with your friends on Facebook.

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