How to Make Photos Private on Facebook

Although Facebook often makes photos and other materials posted on the social media public where anyone can see it, we have been faced with the challenge of wanting some of our posts private.

Since 2011, Facebook has changed it’s privacy settings thereby giving everyone the liberty to be in control of posts to be kept either private or public.

There are always option to make sure only your friends can view your photos and this is by clicking the inline “privacy button” or “audience selector” right beneath the posting box. That button is next to the red arrow in the image above.

When you click the down arrow or button that usually says either “Friend” or “Public,” you’ll see a list of options for who you want to allow to see the particular photo you’re posting or photo album you’re creating.

“Friends” is the setting that most privacy experts recommend. It will allow only those you have connected with on Facebook to see them. Facebook calls this inline privacy menu its “audience selector” tool.

Other photo privacy settings you can change include:

  1. Default Photo Sharing Setting — Make sure your default Facebook sharing option is set to “Friends” and not “Public.” Click your name at the top right of your Facebook homepage, then “privacy settings” and make sure “Friends” is the default option checked at the top. This article on the default Facebook privacy settings explains more on the privacy defaults.

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