30 Ways to Become a More Likeable Person

A likeable person is one who is pleasant, friendly, and easy to like. A likeable person is seen as approachable and personable because he is open-minded and willing to talk to and listen to many different people. He avoids having preconceived notions or passing judgment on others but is willing to hear others out and … Read more

Difference Between Pound and Quid

There are many paper currencies in the world today, such as pounds, dollar, euro, naira, etc. The value of the currency of a country is the backbone of its economy. The pound is a popular currency in the world, but oftentimes it is confused with the word quid. Difference between Pounds and Quid The pound … Read more

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Wedding Preparation List

Planning a wedding in Nigeria? You don’t need to stress yourself anymore. In this post, I will give you a 27 step checklist. All you need do is duplicate it or twist it a bit to your style and you will have one of the most glorious weddings ever witnessed. No time for stories, get’s … Read more

Death Anniversary Prayer for my Father

Father stands for many things: commitment, support, love, respect, care, shelter, sacrifices, etc. Those who have lost their dads know the pain and void they feel. Remembering your daddy on his death anniversary is a great agony, and this feeling can’t be described in words – that feeling of emptiness and emotions. In this post, … Read more

Where to Download Paid eBooks for Free

Are you a book lover? Do you wish to download paid eBook for free? I will show you where you can and how, all for free. Most eBooks online are not available for free. But I am willing to show you how you can get any of your favourite books for free. Are you willing … Read more

How to Find and Delete Watched Video History On Facebook

Do you find it difficult accessing videos you have watched on Facebook? It’s now super easy! Facebook has now added the activity shortcut in your profile section. This feature allows you to readily check your recently watched videos, clear or delete their history, view photos, share likes, and much more. The good news is you … Read more

Best 20 Alternatives to Mangafox

Are you a lover of the super Japanese Manga Series? Or you may just want to know more about it. We got you covered here. The Manga Series is one of the foremost comics of the world. It’s popularity originated from its unique representation, amazing characters and great style. It provides you with different genres … Read more