Wedding Preparation List

Planning a wedding in Nigeria? You don’t need to stress yourself anymore.
In this post, I will give you a 27 step checklist. All you need do is duplicate it or twist it a bit to your style and you will have one of the most glorious weddings ever witnessed.
No time for stories, get’s go straight to business…

27 Point Marriage Preparation Checklist

1. Select wedding/Tradition Marriage date and venue and confirm date with family and Church (or Religious) leaders.

2. Choose a date for your Introduction and visit fabric vendors to choose your Introduction outfit.
3. Discuss a wedding budget and how expenses and duties will be shared between the two families.
4. Draft a preliminary guest list to get an estimate of guest numbers. Doing so as soon as possible will prevent you from searching for inadequate venues, and giving vendors wrong quotes.
5. Select bridal party members and inform them.
7. Start hunting for the wedding reception venue and secure this as soon as possible.
8. Select wedding theme and wedding colour schemes, including aso-ebi colours and wedding reception colours.
11. Select and secure a Wedding Photographer and Videographer for both white and traditional weddings.
12. Buy Wedding Dress and undergarments.
13. Choose aso-ebi for family members, friends and guests attending the white wedding and traditional wedding.
14. Choose the bride and groom’s attire(s) for the traditional wedding.
15. Take engagement photos to be displayed at your wedding, on your social media handles, and party souvenirs.
16. Research and secure Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist for both weddings.
17. Book the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for your reception.
18. Book a DJ for the Traditional Marriage and wedding reception and inform him on Father/Daughter song, First dance song, specific processional music and any other must-play songs.
19. Choose a Caterer for both weddings and decide on a menu.
20. Choose an Event Decorator and florist that best suits your requirements.
21. Order English and Traditional Wedding Cakes.
22. Make necessary reservations and shopping for Honeymoon
23. Get traditional wedding list and start buying items on the list (engagement list only relevant to the groom’s family).
24. Order and print wedding invitation cards, programs and other personalized stationery.
25. Choose white wedding hair accessories for the bride.
26. Buy white wedding shoes, purse and jewellery (earrings, chains and bracelets).
27. Choose the Groom and Groomsmen attires and ties.
If you do all of these, you are sure to have a superb wedding and a happy married life! To your congratulations!