NYSC Camping Checklist

NYSC Camping Checklist – Do you want to know what to bring to the NYSC orientation camp? If yes, we’ll show you all the requirements for the NYSC orientation camp, things needed for NYSC camp registration, and the things you can’t bring.

Undoubtedly, there are some things that you must carry to camp. This NYSC camping checklist can help you by letting you know what essentials to pack and what to bring to the 21 days compulsory NYSC orientation camp.

In fact, if you don’t bring the items we’ve listed below to NYSC camp, it will be like a soldier arriving unprepared on the battlefield.

NYSC Camping Checklist


The Originals and at least five (5) photocopies of the following documents are required:

  1. Call-Up Letter.
  2. Duly Signed Green Card.
  3. School Identity Card.
  4. Uploaded Documents.
  5. Statement of Result and/or University degree/Certificate or HND certificate (You must also provide your ND result statement alongside your HND result statement), [Foreign-trained graduates must provide the original certificate, not the Statement of Result].
  6. Certificates of registration with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria/Optometrists Association of Nigeria are necessary in addition to housemanship completion documentation for Medical doctors and Optometrists.
  7. Pharmacists should bring evidence of internship completion and registration certificate with the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria.
  8. Nurses are to present their original Licence and Certificate of registration issued by the Nursing/Midwifery Council of Nigeria.
  9. Medical Laboratory Scientists are also to present their Licence and Certificate of registration with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.
  10. For Nigerian foreign-trained graduates, their Nigerian International Passport must clearly show; Entry visa to the country of study, First Departure Date from Nigeria, Date of return to Nigeria after the period of study, Date page of the Passport, Residence Permit (for Graduates from Institutions located within West African Countries Only). Also, Graduates with dual nationality are required to Upload Data pages of both International Passports and present the Passport for verification at the camp.
  11. Recent passport photographs (at least fifteen (15) copies).
  12. Medical Certificate of Fitness.


  1. Casual Wears/Sunday Wears (3)
  2. Plain White Round Neck T-Shirts (2-5)
  3. Plain White Sneakers/Plain White Rubber Shoes/Tennis Shoes (1-2 pairs)
  4. Underwear/Undies (2-5)
  5. White Shorts/Half-pants (2-5)
  6. White Socks (4-7 pairs)


  1. Pen
  2. Jotter
  3. Permanent Marker
  4. Small Stapler
  5. Glue/Gum
  6. Correction Fluid/Correction Pen
  7. File/Clear Bag

Other Personal Needs

  1. Bible/Qur’an
  2. Nose Mask
  3. Hand Sanitizers
  4. Antiseptic/Disinfectants
  5. Bath Soap, Sponge, and Sponge Case
  6. Bed Sheets, Blanket, Pillow Cases, and Pillow
  7. Beverages
  8. Bleach(Jik or Hypo)
  9. Body Cream
  10. Bucket and Bowl
  11. Cardigan (Plain White Or Colours Related To White)
  12. Mobile Chargers or Chargers
  13. Clothes Hangers (3-5 pieces)
  14. Combs, Hair Brushes, and Hair Needs
  15. Cutleries (Plate, Bowl, Cup, and Spoon Only)
  16. Detergent and Washing Soap
  17. Flask/Food Pack
  18. Mosquito Net/Repellent
  19. Novels/Books
  20. Padlocks
  21. Pegs/Clips
  22. Polish and Brush
  23. Mobile Phone and Power Bank (Very Essential)
  24. Bathroom Slippers
  25. Toiletries
  26. Money and ATM Cards
  27. TorchLight (Rechargeable, or If you are going with a torchlight that uses batteries, ensure you go with enough batteries to the camp).
  28. Towel
  29. Waist Bag/Pouch
  30. Other Essentials Needs for the Ladies
  31. Sunglasses and Wristwatch

First Aid Items

  1. Allergy Medicine
  2. Antibiotics
  3. Anti-Malaria Pills
  4. Anti-Purging Pills
  5. Band-Aids/Plasters
  6. Basic Drugs (Paracetamol and/or Panadol)
  7. Cotton Wool
  8. Inhaler (Those with Asthma)
  9. Menstrual Pain Drugs
  10. Methylated Spirits
  11. Nausea Relief Drugs
  12. Robb/Aboniki Balm

Things NOT allowed in NYSC Camp [100% Prohibited]

  1. Bicycle/Motorbike/Cars/Vehicle
  2. Boiling ring
  3. Cutlers (tin cutters, nail cutters, pliers etc.)
  4. Extension socket
  5. Extra-large Suitcase/Luggage
  6. Knife
  7. Laptop
  8. Mattress/foam
  9. Mirrors
  10. Pets/Animal
  11. Pressing iron
  12. Television set

Note: If other things you consider necessary or obligatory are not mentioned in this post, it would be wise to follow your judgment and implement those suggestions.

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