Acceptance Letter Format for NYSC

Acceptance Letter Format for NYSC:

In this article, I will show you the acceptance letter format for NYSC. Before then, may I describe what the NYSC program represents?

NYSC Programme

Established on 22nd May 1973, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Programme in Nigeria is a compulsory 1-year National exercise for Nigerian youth graduates.


NYSC is a program established by the Nigerian government to engage Nigerian graduates in nation-building and development.

Nigerian graduates (from universities, polytechnics, and other institutions) under the age of 30 are mobilized to a state other than their home state to contribute to national development.

The exercise begins with a 21-day camp training before corp members are assigned to various places of primary assignment (PPAs) throughout the state.

Acceptance Letter Format for NYSC

What is NYSC Acceptance Letter?

Every year, a great number of Nigerian graduates are posted to serve as NYSC corpers. While some of these corpers are rejected by companies/establishments for various reasons, the vast majority receive an NYSC acceptance letter. What format for an NYSC acceptance letter? What are the specifications for this type of document?

NYSC gives every posted corp a letter of posting to their respective PPAs. The PPA is expected to accept or reject the corp member.

Acceptance Letter Format for NYSC

The Posting Letter is divided into two parts: The notification of posting addressed to the PPA and the Acceptance or Rejection slip signed by the PPA and sent back to NYSC.

Sample of the Notification of Posting

The posting letter sent from the NYSC State Office and duly signed by the State Coordinator has the following key format.


Address of Addressee.

Date Posted: _____________


I wish to inform you that the under mentioned corps member is posted to your organization for his one year National Service.

Corps Member Local Government Aea:________________
NAME: ________________________  CALL-UP NUMBER: NYSC/__________ DATE OF REGISTRATION: _______________ PROBABLE DATE OF DISCHARGE: ___________________(3 weeks Termination Leave Inclusive)
SEX:___________ STATE CODE: ____________ FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION: ________ QUALIFICATION: ____________

KINDLY quote the State Code No. in any correspondence to this office. Please, let us know when He reports to you by writing to this office using your letter headed paper. I enjoin you to note the following policy guidelines with regards to posting of corps members

1. Corps Members should be regarded as staff of your establishment and be given adequate job assignment and positions of responsibility commensurate with their qualifications, training and experience.
3. Provide Corps Members with a modest accommodation or at least reasonable allowance per month in lieu.
4. Provide transport for the corps members to and from the place of work or reasonable amount per month in lieu.
5. Extend medical facilities and other welfare services provided for other members of staff to corps members.
6. MONTHLY CLEARANCE LETTER: All Employers must issue clearance letters to only corps members who have satisfactorily performed their duties for the month. Corps members must submit their monthly clearance letters between 1st and 10th of every month to qualify for payment by the secretariat. NYSC pays Corps members monthly allowance through banks approved by NYSC.

7. The accepted line of communication on all issues shall be through Corps member’s Employer to the Local Government Inspector to the State Coordinator and vice versa.

8. Release Corps members for Community Development Service (CDS) once a week.
9. Transport Corps members from Orientation Camp at the end of the orientation course to their places of primary assignment or pay an appropriate transportation fare to them on assumption of duty.
10. DISCIPLINE: Paragraph 1 above suggests that corps member shall be issued appropriate internal queries like any other staff member on violation of organization rules/regulations. Other cases of indiscipline which cannot be handled by our organization should be reported immediately to the NYSC State coordinator.
11. Employers are please requested to send quarterly evaluation reports on Corps members using NYSC forms 2B & 2C which will be available to them on quarterly basis.
12. The state Coordinator reserves the right to re-post any Corps member to another establishment if the need arises.
13. No employer has the power to permit a Corps member to travel outside ______State. Corps members can only travel for their wedding and convocation on approval by State Coordinator.
14. Corps Employers are not permitted to conduct interview/examination for Corps members as a prerequisite for acceptance.
15. Our email address is ______________ for any confirmation on corps member.

16. Corps member’s Zonal/Local Government Inspector is _______________ (Phone Number)

Followed by the Acceptance/Rejection slip…

Acceptance Letter Format for NYSC (Acceptance/Rejection Slip)

This part of the letter is detachable. It should be duly signed by the employer (PPA) focal person in charge of corp members.

See the format of the NYSC acceptance letter below:

This is to confirm the Acceptance/Rejection of ____________________(name of corp member), with Call-Up No. NYSC/________________, and State Code _________________ for a year National Service Scheme in our organisation _________________________________(name of organization)

Date:………………………….. Name, Designation and Signature:………………………………


If the PPA writes an Acceptance Letter with its letterhead, it follows the above pattern.


  • The official portal for all NYSC-related issues is Check it out if you may.
  • Also, visit the NYSC website here for more information:

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