How to Check my MTN Nigeria Number in Few Seconds (7 Simple Methods)

How to Check my MTN Nigeria Number: MTN is one of the biggest, if not the most prominent mobile service provider in Nigeria.

If you are an MTN customer and you wish to know your MTN number, I will show you seven simple and exciting procedures to take.

Read on…

1. Check your MTN number from your SIM pack.

If you still have access to your SIM pack, your MTN number is boldly written on it.

Check your SIM pack for your number, Personal Unblocking Key (PUK), and other helpful information.

2. Check your MTN number via USSD code

Simply dial *663# on your phone with your MTN line. The phone number will be displayed on your screen in split seconds, and you will receive an SMS with the same.

How to Check my MTN Nigeria Number

3. Check your MTN number with other USSD codes

Dial the USSD code and perform further operations to receive your MTN phone number.

*123# is one of the quickest codes to dial to see your MTN mobile number.

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Dial *123# from your phone with the MTN line.
  • From the Menu options that showed up, select Option 1 to access the “My Tools” feature.
  • From the features displayed, choose option 1 – “My Number.”
  • You now have your MTN number shown on your screen, with a follow-up message containing your phone number from MTN.
  • Don’t forget to write your number out and keep it safe; better still, commit it to memory.

Interestingly, your MTN number will be displayed if you dial *123*1*1#.

Don’t also forget that *663# will produce the same result.

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4. Check your MTN number via MyMTN app/MTN self-service

MyMTN app gives subscribers more control over their mobile services, allowing them to access services and resolve problems without contacting company representatives.

MyMTN also ensures that customers have access to information about MTN’s products and services whenever and wherever they need it (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

You can get the link to install the MyMTN app on your phone by texting “MYMTN” to 5018.

Download and Install the app and use it to check all kinds of information about your account.

After you’ve downloaded the app, launch the app on your device and select “Check Your Number.”

This will display your MTN phone number. It will also display your MTN package and the amount of airtime and data balance left on your account.

Download the MyMtn app from Google Playstore by clicking on

You can also access the MyMTN app here>>>

5. Check your MTN Number by sending a “Call Me Back” Request

It is a known fact that when you send a text message to another number, your phone number will be displayed as the sender on the other person’s phone.

You can send a “Call Me Back” message to your friend free of charge 24/7.

Simply dial *133# to perform this action. This feature is entirely free.

6. Check your MTN Number by calling your friends

If you have airtime on your account, this is an excellent method to use. Simply call anyone on your contact list and ask them to name your phone number, which is always visible when a call comes in.

You can also choose to send an SMS.

7. Check your MTN number using MTN customer service

The MTN customer care number is 180. Call 180 and wait to speak with a customer care representative.

Ask the customer care representative to send you your phone number.

It is now clear that accessing your MTN number is not a big deal. There are many ways you can achieve this, as simplified in this post. That is it on how to check my MTN Nigeria number.

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