How to Effect Change of Receiver’s Name on MoneyGram Transactions (2023 Guide)

This post provides an elaborate guide on how to effect change of receiver’s name on MoneyGram transactions.

Moneygram is a service that allows people in various countries to send money to each other.

The servicing company offers ease in making an international money transfer.

How to Effect Change of Receiver's Name on MoneyGram Transactions

Moneygram is efficient, but sometimes certain issues may hinder the successful flow of transactions between persons in different countries. These issues could be:

  1. The receiver’s details on his Identity card do not match the expected receiver’s details on the Moneygram database. Providing a form of identification that differs from the initial details of the beneficiary would make the process unsuccessful.
  2. For that transaction period, the beneficiary has reached his limit on receiving fresh funds. Through this technique, the recipient may have a set limit on how much he can get in a certain time period. If he uses up that transfer window before the time limit expires, he won’t be able to receive any more funds until a fresh transaction period with a new fixed limit is provided to him.

If you face any of the above mentioned problems, you may need to effect a change of beneficiary name on the MoneyGram transaction.

This post is made just for you. In it, I will show you step by step procedure to perform a change of receiver’s name on MoneyGram transactions.How to Effect Change of Receiver's Name on MoneyGram Transactions

How to effect the change of receiver’s name on MoneyGram transactions

When you encounter certain issues trying to make a MoneyGram transaction, you may need to effect a change of the receiver’s name for a successful transaction.

To effectively change the receiver’s name on the Moneygram transaction, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to the Moneygram office or the office of the Moneygram agent that handled the transaction.
  2. Present your valid identity card and your Moneygram reference number for transactions.
  3. Explain to the agent in detail the problem you are facing concerning the transaction.
  4. The agent would forward the details of the identity card you presented in a mail to the appropriate Moneygram office to enable them to resolve the problem on their database.

As soon as the above process is completed and the problem is resolved, you will be notified by the agent. Then you can proceed with the initial transaction that was halted.

Change of receiver’s name on MoneyGram: MoneyGram Refund

The beneficiary may not be able to receive the payments due to some of the issues described above. As a result, you will receive a MoneyGram refund. The steps for this refund process are outlined below

  1. You will need to contact MoneyGram immediately via their phone number for this to be effected.

  2. You will be asked a few questions to ensure that you were responsible for the transaction on contacting them.

  3. After this, an 8-digit reference number will be given to you, different from the initial one.

  4. You are required to go back to the agent’s location, who will then credit you back the amount refunded.

To contact MoneyGram on the phone and/or call for a refund, call +17203625024. You can also visit the MoneyGram website for further assistance.


With MoneyGram, sending money to friends, families or loved ones from one country to another is made easy. Follow the guide above, and you will be able to effect a change of receiver name on MoneyGram transaction.

I hope this guide helps.


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