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Google One Benefits – In this article, we’ll talk about Google One, its features and benefits, who it’s for, how to sign up for the service, and the pricing structures for Google One.

With considerably more features than just storage, Google One is an enhanced version of the well-known Google Drive.

In other words, Google Drive is a cloud storage platform. Google One is a subscription plan that gives you additional storage to use across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Again, with Google One, you gain extra perks and can share your membership with your family.

Google One is essentially an advanced cloud storage service that enables users to access their files/data from any gadget/device.

Further, the present version of cloud storage is indispensable to corporations and people whose data loads are so large that they cannot afford to lose everything if their local hard drives fail.

Google One Benefits

In this technological era, the importance of highlighting the advantages of Google One cannot be overstated since countless businesses cannot function without cloud storage services.

If you haven’t heard, every Google user gets 15GB of free cloud storage for media and document backups in Google Drive.

The premium Google One service was designed for those that want far more than 15GB of cloud storage, even if some users may never have a cause to deplete a fourth of that space.

Here are some of the benefits of Google One:

  1. Shopping Offers: Google one subscribers on the 200GB plan get 3% cashback (in Google Store credit) on all Google Store purchases, while those on the 2TB plan and above get 10% cashback. Only US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia users can get cashback benefits.
  2. Bonus Google Store credit on purchases or Google Play Credits.
  3. Phone and chat support from a Google expert.
  4. Free Nest Mini on Upgrade to 2TB plan.
  5. Backup Drive for Android.
  6. VPN service for Android devices (For Google One subscribers with a storage package of 2TB or higher, the service includes a VPN).
  7. Three-month Stadia Pro trial: All Google One subscribers are eligible for a free three-month trial of Google’s Stadia service. After three months, the plan will bill at $9.99 per month.
  8. Hotel discounts: Google One benefits vary by nation. According to the member benefits page, Google One members in the U.S. are entitled to discounts of up to 40% off on specific hotels using Google Hotels.
  9. Family Storage: Google One users can share their storage plan, and other Google One benefits with up to five extra family members (six in total, including the sharer) by creating a family group or by sharing a plan with an existing group.

Also, if you sign up for Google One, you can get more out of Google with access to a larger storage space, advanced features, and exclusive deals.

Furthermore, as we will see in a moment, Google One is offered in various bundles.

How to Set up a Google One Account

A Google One subscription is only available to users logged into their Google Accounts. You’ll need an account to continue, so create one now if you don’t have one.

Follow the steps below to create your Google One Account successfully:

  1. Sign into your Google Account via your browser (by visiting Google One official website) or computer or Google One app (Android or iOS).
  2. Locate and click Upgrade.
  3. Select your new storage limit, review the new plan pricing and payment date, then tap Continue [For iOS: Select your new plan pricing and payment date].
  4. Choose your payment method and tap Subscribe to confirm your Google One plan [For iOS: Confirm your payment].

You can access Google One from any gadget/device by visiting their official website. You can also use the Google One app if you’d like; the Android and iOS version of the Google One app is available for download.

Essential: If you purchased your Google One membership outside of the Google One iPhone app, you may not see the option to upgrade.

Google One Plans – Google One Pricing

Google One provides various plan options; Basic, Standard, and Premium, allowing you to select the one that best meets your needs. Plans are different in each country. Click here to see the Google One pricing in your country.

Meanwhile, the following table explains the Google One service’s plans, costs, and applicable regions should you ever need more storage capacity than the 15GB provided.

Please note that the plans equal to and greater than 5TB are visible only if you are already a Google One subscriber. Also, the prices below are subject to change; therefore, always check your Google One Account or Google One website for updated pricing structures.

United States
United Kingdom
100GB $1.99/month
CAD 2.99/month
CAD 25.99/year
200GB $2.99/month
CAD 3.99/month
CAD 39.99/year
2TB $9.99/month
CAD 13.99/month
CAD 139.99/year
5TB $24.99/month
10TB $49.99/month
20TB $99.99/month
30TB $149.99/month

For those on the 1TB plan, we have some excellent news: your plan has been upgraded to the 2TB plan at no additional cost.

Positive Effects of Google One

  1. Rewards for Members.
  2. Constantly secure backups of your phone: Google One automatically backs up your contacts, photos, videos, app data, MMS, and SMS. Most android phones do this, but Google One collates your data into one app, making it more accessible.

What Member Benefits do I get with Google One?

Check the Google One website or contact a Google expert for the most up-to-date information on available benefits, as these may vary by country and are subject to change at any time.

Member rewards in the Google Store and Google Play credits are just two examples of the perks that members can enjoy.

In addition, change your email notification settings in the Google One app or website to learn about new features as they become available.

Can I share my Google One Membership with someone in a different Country?

Not necessarily; your immediate family members must be located in the same nation as you are to take advantage of your Google One membership and perks.

Who can I share my Google One Membership with?

Up to five additional family members can join Google One at no extra cost (so six total, including you). You can include or exclude certain relatives in establishing a new family unit.

Also, you can share the Google One plan within existing Google family groups if you currently belong to one.

The whole family can enjoy the perks of Google One without worrying about anybody else having access to private information. Everyone in your household can use the cloud storage capacity included in your Google One subscription.

However, unless you share your Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos with your loved ones, they will not have access to the files you keep there.

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