Who is the Woman in the Purple Mattress Commercial?

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Who is the Woman in the Purple Mattress Commercial

Who is the woman in the purple mattress commercial?

She’s Mallory Everton. The lady is an American actress, model, comedian and director.

Mallory Everton (born as Mallory Ruthanne Everton)  is a native of Portland, Oregon, who has been writing and performing comedy for over ten years.

Who is Mallory Everton?

Mallory Everton was born on September 20, 1989, in Portland, Oregon, United States. Her parents are Bob and Collen Everton, and she has three brothers named Travis, Zach, and Beau, as well as two sisters named Hailey and Melissa. She used to spend her free time watching television as a child.

Mallory originally intended to attend BYU for medical school but instead enrolled in the film program.

Mallory Everton is reported to love distance running and music.

She describes herself as having “crazy hair, crazy mind.”

She’s the co-founder and writer/actress/director/workaholic for JK! Studios

She is best known for her roles in the popular sketch comedy show Studio C, which has over 1 billion views on YouTube, and as the face of the viral Purple Mattress “Raw Egg Test” ad.

More about the woman in the purple mattress commercial

Mallory Everton plays Goldilocks in the purple mattress ad. She’s done other things( which you will find below). She is currently the face of Purple mattress.

Mallory Everton spent 18 years of her life in Portland. After graduating, she moved to Utah and enrolled at Brigham Young University, where she studied medicine before switching to the film industry.

With the show “pretty Dam Funny,” she made her television debut. She was also cast in “Divine Comedy” after a successful interview. Everton made her film debut in “We Love Yo, Sally Carmichael,” a comedy.

Mallory Everton is known for Stop and Go (2021), Studio C (2012) and Loving Lyfe (2019).

She is a trained dancer who also plays the guitar.

Mallory Everton’s Awards

The woman in the purple mattress commercial has 6 awards to her name. They are as follows:

  1. Best Director, Recovery (2021). Shared with: Stephen Meek (co-director)
  2. Best Film, Recovery (2021). Shared with: Stephen Meek (co-director) and Whitney Call (writer)
  3. Film You Will Find Yourself Remembering The Most: Recovery (2021). Shared with: Stephen Meek (co-director)
  4. Best Story: Recovery (2021). Shared with: Whitney Call (writer)
  5. Best Supporting Actress: Recovery (2021)
  6. Lost Weekend Audience Favorite: Recovery (2021). Shared with: Whitney Call (writer) and Stephen Meek (co-director)

The Purple Mattress Commercial

The commercials for purple.com on YouTube are both amusing and ubiquitous. They show her dropping a plate glass containing four eggs onto a purple mattress.

Mallory says:

“What’s a simple way to tell that your bed is too hard? The Raw Egg Test. Let me prove it. When it comes to mattresses, you used to have only 3 choices. Looking for shoulder pain? Try the hard mattress….

Then there’s the soft mattress. It starts out ok, but then collapses over time like some cheap sneakers or Anakin Skywalker”

See the Purple Mattress Commercial (Full Version) Here.

Mallory Everton’s Contact Information

Meet Mallory Everton on any of the following platforms:

Official Website: https://www.malloryeverton.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remallory/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/malruthon

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/mallory.everton/?_rdc=1&_rdr

Mallory is in love with Jackie Chan. But don’t tell him. She’d be so embarrassed (smiles).

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