How to Make a Group on Facebook

Facebook without a group would be like a Hospital without signs to show each bending and entrances.

one could ask people for direction even without the existence of an arrow indicating the way to the clinic but then, the arrows would save you the stress of having to ask people and as well, enhance orderliness in movement around the premises.

Facebook would still be up and running without a group, but the existence of groups make communication better as people get to meet people with the same career and discipline.

What is a Facebook Group?

Facebook groups are a circle of people who are either close friends or are just brought together because of what they share.

In the group, apart from just keeping in touch on Facebook, they also share ideas, updates, create awareness. etc.

The aims of creating these facebook groups revolve around:

  • Selling items.
  • Business( traders could meet together and decide on how to get better in their business from ideas shared by people who are already doing well.
  • Exclusive membership site
  • Support groups
  • Topic

The names given to each group all depends on the group’s;

  • Topic
  • goal
  • Focus
  • Business
How to create a group on Facebook

How to Create a Facebook Group

Have great ideas you would like to share to people all over the nation but do not know how to go about it?

Worry no more, all you need to do is have a Facebook group where you can reach out to as many people as possible.

Here are simple steps to creating a Facebook group:

1. Keep your data connection active on your device.

2. Lunch the facebook app in your device.

3. Go to “add group” on your home: You will be taken to a page that displays the option to create a group and also show you some spending Invite, Favorites, Your Groups, Groups You Manage.etc.

4.Click  on “Create Group” in the upper right hand corner: Right of your name and the notifications bell in the right hand corner, click on the drop down and choose, “Create Group.”

A lightbox will open where you can begin to add your Facebook group details.

5. Give your group a desired name: The first thing you need to do is give your group a name that is easy to search for and matches the essence of creating the group.

6. Choose a privacy setting: You’ll now need to decide what privacy setting you want your group to have.

7. Add your preferred cover photo: Facebook will now give you the option to add your creative graphic for your header or cover image.

Have it in mind the dimensions for this cover photo are different from those on your personal Timeline or business Page.1640 x 856 pixels is best used for the group cover image

8. Complete the “about” session: You must complete this session because of the following reasons:

  • Gives prospective members an idea what your group is about
  • Have the ability to display any “rules” you may have about the group.

9. Click the “Create Group”: After choosing your privacy setting, click the “Create Group and your group is ready.

10. Edit group setting: The following are items you can change:

  • Group Name
  • Group Type
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Locations
  • Linked Pages
  • Privacy Settings
  • Membership Approval — Do you want to let anyone add members or should only you be able to?
  • Set a Group Address — Here you’ll have a chance to give the group a custom url as well as an email address where people could email the group directly.
  • Change your Description
  • Change Posting Permissions — Here you can decide if only admins can post or if members can as well
  • Post Approval — You can require that all posts be approved by an admin before going live

Once you’re done with the settings, click “Save”.

11. Add members: You do not want to leave your created group void of members, you can further add the members of your choice to the group.

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