6th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics (Collection of Over 130)

Let’s evaluate the subject, “6th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics”.

6th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay is an exciting activity. More interesting is when a 6th grader writes an argumentative essay.

Before reviewing an abundance of interesting argumentative essay topics for a 6 grader, let us understand the two key phrases in our discussion – 6th grade and argumentative essay.

6th Grade in the United States

Grade 6 (or 6th grade) is a year of education in the United States and many other countries. 6th grade is the sixth school year following kindergarten. Students are typically between the ages of 11 and 12. 6th grade was traditionally the final year of elementary school.

6th grade is usually the first year of middle school, the last year of elementary school, or the third last year of elementary school in the United States.

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What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing in which you take a position on a topic. An excellent argumentative essay attempts to persuade readers to understand and support a writer’s point of view on a subject by stating their reasoning and providing evidence to support it.

The argumentative essay is a type of writing that requires students to conduct research on a subject, collect, generate, and evaluate evidence, and articulate a position on the subject succinctly.

Hence, the main focus and aim of the essay are:

  1. To convince the reader to believe your position.
  2. Also, to persuade the reader to accept your position.

Argumentative essays require a little more research and logic than their cousin, the persuasive essay. But middle school students will still appreciate the opportunity to argue persuasively to readers.

And more importantly, as students conduct research for their papers, gather evidence, and develop positions and arguments, they will learn and practice a variety of important writing and critical thinking skills.

How to write a good argumentative essay

You need more than just an opinion to make your point when writing an argumentative (persuasive essay).

Even the most forceful argument will fall flat if it is not correctly structured and supported by solid reasoning and evidence.

A good argumentative essay should have the following structure:

The first paragraph

The first paragraph of your essay should summarize the topic, provide the background information required to understand your argument, outline the evidence you will present, and state your thesis.

The thesis assertion

This is a sentence from your first paragraph. It is a one-sentence synopsis of your main point and claim.

The body paragraphs

A typical argumentative essay comprises three or more paragraphs that explain why you support your thesis.

Each body paragraph should cover a different idea or piece of evidence and include a topic sentence that explains why the reader should agree with your position clearly and concisely.

Body paragraphs are where you provide examples, research, statistics, studies, and text citations to back up your claims. Address opposing viewpoints and either disprove or explain why you disagree with them.

Presenting facts and considering a topic from all perspectives adds credibility and helps you gain your reader’s trust.


One paragraph that restates your thesis and summarizes all of your body paragraphs’ arguments.

A good conclusion will appeal to a reader’s emotions rather than introducing new facts or more arguments.

In some cases, writers will use a personal anecdote to explain how the topic affects them personally.

6th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics

It is easy to discover that middle school students excel at arguing and debating. However, we must do everything possible to ensure that students of this age learn to debate respectfully and express themselves with strength and organization.

Argumentative essay writing is a typical assignment for 6th-grade, high school and college students.

You must note that writing a good essay depends on the topic to a large extent.

Therefore, we provide interesting argumentative essay topics suitable for 6th-grade students. Read on for your best pick.

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Top 100 6th Grade Essay Topics

6th grade argumentative essay topics

Here are some ideas for 6th-grade argumentative essay topics:

  1. Should computer games be used for instructional purposes?

  2. Does homework help students learn?

  3. Can you trust what you read online?

  4. Are reality shows about teen pregnancy effective in preventing pregnancy?

  5. Is social media affecting people’s lives negatively?

  6. Should social media become a learning tool?

  7. Is football too dangerous for middle school students?

  8. Should college athletes be paid?

  9. Should students who are home-schooled be allowed to play on public school teams?

  10. Should there be educational requirements for parents who home-school their children?

  11. Are healthier school lunches an effective way to change eating habits?

  12. There is a way where there is a will.

  13. Time and tide do not wait for anyone.

  14. Should same-gender marriage be permitted?

  15. Is racism acceptable?

  16. Should plastic be banned?

  17. Pollution due to Urbanization

  18. Education should be free.

  19. Should Students have limited access to the internet?

  20. Tobacco sales should be prohibited.

  21. Smoking should be prohibited in public places.

  22. Facebook should be prohibited.

  23. Students should not be permitted to engage in PUBG gaming.

  24. Health equals wealth.

  25. A stitch in time saves nine.

  26. A piece of fruit a day keeps the doctor away.

  27. Today, the most serious issue in the United States is immigration.

  28. Do people have a right to access the internet?

  29. Do violent video games increase the likelihood of people being violent in real life?

  30. Is it ever fair to give minorities preferential treatment or consideration?

  31. Is the average American’s diet healthy?

  32. Should students have more say over what they learn?

  33. Do girls or boys face more societal pressure—or do they both?

  34. Do schools go far enough in preventing bullying?

  35. Is reality television an accurate representation of real life?

  36. Is it nature or nurture that determines who we are?

  37. Do athletes, celebrities, and CEOs have a right to be paid more than the average person?

  38. Is arts education just as important as other types of education?

  39. What is the most difficult challenge that today’s students face?

  40. What are people’s responsibilities in terms of helping one another?

  41. What one thing should every household do to save energy?

  42. Is Common Core beneficial to students?

  43. Is there any worth to pop culture?

  44. Should reading skills be taught in science and social studies classes?

  45. Should students be able to grade their teachers?

  46. Is the death penalty an effective crime deterrent?

  47. How well do standardized tests measure a student’s abilities?

  48. Do we spend too much time preparing for standardized tests?

  49. Should all states legalize marijuana?

  50. Do curfews keep teens from getting into trouble?

  51. Should parents give their children allowances for completing chores?

  52. Should animals be used for research?

  53. Should the school day be lengthened?

  54. Should colleges look at just test scores for admittance?

  55. Does having fewer students per class lead to more student learning?

  56. Should PE be optional for all students?

  57. Are professional athletes paid too much?

  58. Should the military branches be allowed to recruit at high schools?

  59. Should students’ computers at school be less filtered?

  60. Can cell phones be educational tools?

  61. Does playing video games lead to violent behavior?

  62. Are schools effective in stopping bullying?

  63. Should grades be replaced with a pass/fail system?

  64. Should all American students be required to take Spanish?

  65. Should the driving age be raised?

  66. Should grade in non-academic subjects, such as PE, band, and chorus affect a student’s grade point average?

  67. Should school athletes be required to pass all their classes to play their sports?

  68. Should the government put a higher tax on junk food?

  69. Should pit bulldogs be outlawed?

  70. Should people have to attend parenting classes when they are expecting?

  71. Should schools start later in the morning?

  72. Should unhealthy food come with a warning label?

  73. Snow days are preferable to sunny days for family fun.

  74. Having an excessive amount of money for children is not a good idea.

  75. People who abandon their pets should face jail time.

  76. Children who receive poor grades should be encouraged to improve.

  77. There should be no restrictions on free expression.

  78. Homework should be reduced so that children can spend more time relaxing at home after school.

  79. Magazine advertisements should not feature thin women.

  80. A female president would be preferable to a male president.

  81. Students should be encouraged to write more frequently to improve their handwriting skills.

  82. Etiquette should be taught in schools as a subject.

  83. Spam mail should be illegal, and those who send it should face severe penalties.

  84. It should be easier to enter Mexico from the United States than it is now.

  85. Longer hair is preferable to shorter hair.

  86. Making a racial slur should be illegal.

  87. Comedians who use vulgar language to entice their audience should face criminal charges.

  88. Babysitters should be required to attend parenting classes.

  89. More emphasis should be placed on recycling in the world.

  90. Children who read more often outperform children who do not read as much.

  91. Droopy pants should be prohibited by law.

  92. Anyone who wants to use the internet is supposed to be able to do so for free.

  93. Every student should have the opportunity to study abroad.

  94. Gun ownership is supposed to be made available to the majority of people for security reasons.

  95. The government should stop invading other countries so that we can live in peace and with fewer enemies.

  96. Above the age of 16, parents have no right to control their children’s lives.

  97. Marriages between people from different cultures add up to racial tolerance.

  98. First aid and medical care, in general, should be made available for free.

  99. All teenagers should be given parenting classes.

  100. Arts and sciences are supposed to be offered as minors.

Controversial Essay Topics for 6th Graders

The following are some 6th-grade argumentative essay topics that sound controversial in their own right:

  • Is having tattoos a sign of being a bad or mean person?

  • Why should euthanasia be permissible?

  • Should same-gender parenting be permitted?

  • Is it acceptable to pass judgment on people based on their social status?

  • Should we put up with discrimination?

  • Are energy drinks good for you?

  • Should there be gun control regulations?

  • Is prostitution acceptable?

  • Should adults abstain from drinking milk?

  • What are the benefits of legalizing marijuana?

  • Should same-gender marriage be permitted?

  • Is racism acceptable?

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Most Repeated 6th Grade Argumentative Essay Topics on Animal Concern

Below is a list of the most repeated 6th-grade argumentative essay topics on the animal concern:

  1. Why is medical animal testing justified?

  2. It is moral to euthanize stray animals.

  3. It is more important to protect endangered animals than non-endangered animals.

  4. It is unethical to capture and keep wild animals as pets.

  5. Primates and other intelligent animals should not be used in laboratory tests.

  6. It is unethical to use animal dissection as a teaching tool in schools.

  7. Tethering animals, such as dogs, is cruel.

  8. Hunting as a sport is an enjoyable pastime.

  9. Why we should let nature take its course and allow animals to become extinct.

  10. Domestic animal slaughter for meat and other products is inhumane.

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Amazing Music Essay Topics

Here is a list of the top music essay topics for you:

  1. Is today’s pop music as good as 1960s pop music?

  2. How has the evolution of the internet affected music?

  3. What role does music play in the development of a country?

  4. How do you think the evolution of portable devices will affect the music industry in the future?

  5. Is music a source of annoyance in the modern workplace?

  6. What does the future of music streaming on popular websites look like?

  7. Music producers wield more influence in the industry than musicians.

  8. Will the download era spell the end of the music streaming industry?

  9. Is it necessary to include a parental label warning on music with offensive lyrics?

  10. Should violent lyrics be prohibited?

Choose any of the above-listed topics and write a superb argumentative essay. They are all easy to write and are of the required standard for a 6th-grade student.

Please, share this beautiful and educative piece with teachers and students alike.

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