How to Post a Job on Facebook

Mrs. Cynthia, an event manager and also into decoration but have the problem of taking so much with her decoration although she is good at her job. In an interview with persons she told them her major problem.

This problem was the fact that she does not have many hands and because of that, it seemed she is dull; the issue was how to get to meet people who are into decoration and are ready to work.

Just like Mrs. Cynthia, is your establishment void of workers and you have tried every possible means to meet with prospective workers, have you tried advertising your job on Facebook?

Of course, you know you can get so much help on facebook with that. The big question now is; how can you post a job on Facebook?

Why post a job on Facebook?

They are several reasons to post your job of Facebook, they include;

  • To expand your customer base.
  • To meet people who are job-hunting whose services could be ana asset to your establishment.
  • To create awareness of what you do to your friends both far and near.
  • To get to meet people(talents in this context) doing the same job you are doing, whose idea could be a help to boost your sales.

What is the cost of posting a job on Facebook

Posting a job on Facebook is totally free. But to be able to post your jobs on Facebook, there are two inevitable things you must have. They are;

    •  You must have a Facebook business page.
    • You have to ensure the messaging feature is turned on.

With the two mentioned demand met, the job posting feature will be available to you.

You can further share the job post to different groups, such as business or community groups to which you belong.

Any job you post will be made visible on your business page as part of your feed.

They can also be found by job seekers who look under the Jobs tab on your business page.

How to post a Job on Facebook using your Facebook page

With Facebook, you can post your open positions starting from your business page. Below are the steps you need:

    1. Set up your free business account on Facebook first in case that has not been done.
    2. Click on Jobs, a list of options will show on the screen of your device, scroll to where you see “Jobs” on the left-hand side menu on your business page.
    3. An option to create a job opens, just a click and your job is posted.

Alternatively, you can post your job with the use of the ”  manage job tab”: Using the “Manage Jobs”  tab at the top of your business page, a click on the tab takes to a “Create Job.” option.

That option is all you need to post your job on facebook. All you need to do is click on the create Create Job

Otherwise, you will get a pop-up form to complete with information about the job you intend to post.

Here, all that matters is the job title, location, and job type etc.

But as a best HR practice, include enough information about the job to help job seekers find it.

That includes a job title that’s relevant, keywords related to the job, and specific details about the job, this information is likely available on an existing job description.

Have it in mind that it does not end in just creating a job, the  Create Form form must be completely filled.

Just as it is mandatory for any job posting; enter enough information so that individuals searching for work can find your job posting and determine whether it’s a job they want and that they’re qualified for. It is best you complete all fields, including the optional ones, as it will increase your chances of finding the best job seekers.


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