What are the Core Difference Between EDT and EST?

Are you still wonder if any difference between the two time zones EDT and EST? Find suitable answers to that question below here.

The two time zones are used in the same area which is NORTH AMERICA especially the United States of America and Canada.

Before we proceed further, let’s take a look at what we mean by EDT and EST?

What is the Full Meaning of EDT and EST

EST is the abbreviation for “Eastern Daylight Time.” while EST is the acronym for “Eastern Standard Time” and as I said earlier, the two terms allude to a North America Time zone. Though there are approximately 21 time zones in North America of which 9.

They are also part of the 9 standard time zones that are being used in the United States as a country and the 4 standard time zones used in the mainland United States.

What Could be the Possible Difference Between EDT and EST?

  1. EDT is used during the summer & spring seasons while EST is used during winter & autumn.
  2. EDT hour from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or Greenwich Mena time (GMT) differs from that of the EST;- In further explanation, EST is five (5) hours behind the Coordinated Universal time whereas the EDT is only four hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time.
  3. , beginning on the first Sunday of November. Eastern Standard Time is canceled on the second Sunday of March and switches into Eastern Daylight Time for the summer – spring season.
  4. EST is used from the first Sunday of November to March While EDT is used from on the second Sunday of March to November.
  5. EDT is 4 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) while EST is 5 hours behind

So, now, let’s look at some similarities between EDT and EST.

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Similarities Between EDT and EST

  1. They are used in the same area which is “NORTH AMERICA”
  2. Both EDT and EST refer to the Eastern Time Zone that covers some of the American states, as well as Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut of Canada.

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You can read more about EST on Wikipedia by clicking this LINK

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