Official Cost of Renewing Car Papers in Nigeria – 2022

The official cost of renewing car papers in Nigeria is well documented.

This article will show you the cost of vehicle particulars renewal, driver license renewal, processes and procedures in Nigeria.

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About Car Papers Renewal in Nigeria

The first particulars for a brand new car in Nigeria run for at least four years. After which, there is a need for car papers renewal.

The licensing authorities (Federal Road Safety Commission and the Vehicle Inspection Office) do not allow so much period of grace. Hence, car owners have to renew their particulars a few weeks before expiry.

The essential documents that makeup vehicle particulars in Nigeria are as follows:

  1. Vehicle license,
  2. Roadworthiness certificate and
  3. Insurance document.

The renewal process can be done online or in the office.

Many private organizations run the online process to assist car owners in renewing their particulars.

You can choose to enlist their services or follow through with the vehicle papers renewal office process.

Procedure to renew car papers in Nigeria

The requirements, costs and steps involved in renewing car papers are Nigeria are as follow:

1. Procedure/Steps for Vehicle License Renewal

To renew your car license, visit a vehicle licensing office and present the expired documents of your car.

After that, the licensing officer inputs the following information on the vehicle autoregistration database:

  • Vehicle owner’s name
  • Vehicle owner’s address
  • Vehicle owner’s phone number
  • Vehicle owner’s email address
  • Driver’s license number
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Place of issue
  • State of registration
  • Chassis number of vehicle
  • Engine number
  • Name and policy number of Insurer
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle capacity

The system will generate the specific amount to be paid after you finish entering your data.

A scratch card with a PIN code will be given to the vehicle owner by the licensing officer. The PIN code is a password that is linked to the vehicle’s information.

After the process is completed, a new license will be issued with the same number and chassis number details as the old one.

2. Procedure/Steps for Roadworthiness Renewal

You will process the roadworthiness certificate at the vehicle licensing office.

It is required that you provide a valid means of identification and make payment depending on the vehicle type you want to get certified.

In addition, it is expedient that duly fill and complete the certificate of roadworthiness (ACR) form.

You will receive your new roadworthiness certificate on confirmation of your vehicle insurance.

3. Procedure/Steps for Vehicle Insurance Policy Renewal

To complete your vehicle insurance registration, you have to choose an insurance company accredited and recognized by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Get your insurance policy document on completion of the four simple steps below:

  1. Log onto the insurance company’s website and create an account for vehicle insurance.
  2. Choose the insurance class you want.
  3. Make payment with your card or at the bank.
  4. Print the insurance policy document.

You may choose to allow the attendants at the licensing office to take care of this process for you.

This insurance policy document is necessary for the completion of your roadworthiness certificate at the vehicle licensing office.


How to Renew Your Driver’s License Online

Renew your driver’s license online to save yourself from time-wasting and trouble at the checkpoint.

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Log on to the driver’s license renewal portal @
  2. Navigate and click on driver’s license and select driver license renewal.
  3. Input your driver’s license number and your date of birth.
  4. Click on the search icon.
  5. Wait for your details to load. After successful loading, view your details.
  6. Update your details if necessary.
  7. Select office location for your biometrics and photo capture.
  8. Click submit.
  9. Print the application form.
  10. Proceed to make payment by clicking on Pay Now.
  11. Check the amount and proceed by clicking on Proceed to Pay.
  12. Select the e-wallet payment option to pay via your ATM card.
  13. Log in or create an e-wallet account.
  14. Click on Bills and select Active Bills.
  15. Payment details load. Verify and click on Pay.
  16. Input your card details and click on Pay.
  17. A Successful status will reflect.
  18. Print your payment slip.

Official Cost of New Vehicle Registration in Nigeria

  • Cost of new blue plate number – #55,000
  • Cost of new red plate number – #65,000
  • Cost of new articulated plate number – #100,000
  • Cost of change of ownership with blue plate number – #70,000
  • Cost of change of ownership with red plate number – #80,000
  • Cost of change of ownership with articulated plate number – #1150,000
  • Transfer of existing plate number from one vehicle to another – #35,000
  • Plate number replacement (if lost) – #36,000

Cost of Driver’s License (New)

  • New driver’s license (5 years validity) – #38,000
  • New driver’s license (3 years validity) – #33,000

Cost of Driver License Renewal

  • 5 years validity – #22,500
  • 3 years validity – #18000

Cost of Car Paper renewal in Nigeria

The cost of renewing vehicle papers for different vehicles types in Nigeria is as follows:

a. Standard renewal cost for vehicle particulars

  • Vehicle license – ₦2,500
  • Roadworthiness – ₦4,450
  • Insurance policy – ₦5,000

Total standard vehicle particulars renewal cost = ₦11,950

b. Particulars renewal cost for saloon cars with an engine size above 2.5cc

  • Vehicle license – ₦3,000
  • Roadworthiness – ₦5,200
  • Insurance policy – ₦5,000
  • Total = ₦13,200

c. Particulars renewal cost for SUV vehicles

  • Vehicle license – ₦3,000
  • Roadworthiness – ₦5,200
  • Insurance policy – ₦5,000
  • Total = ₦13,200

d. Particulars renewal cost for SUV vehicles with an engine size above 3.6cc

  • Vehicle license – ₦3,700
  • Roadworthiness – ₦5,200
  • Insurance policy – ₦5,000
  • Total = ₦13,900

For more information, visit the FRSC website @

With this information, you can now avoid long queues and delays that last for a few weeks when renewing your car papers.

I hope you found this information helpful. Hit the comment section to share your thoughts. Thank you.


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