Things Every Man Needs in a Relationship

Things Every Man Needs in a Relationship:

I just wanted to leave some quick advice for men, and because I like to keep my messages short and practical, I decided to leave out too many boring details.

While today’s relationship advice is about 3 musts to having a great relationship with the woman of your dreams, this advice equally applies to the relationship with yourself – the most important relationship you can have.

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Things Every Man Needs in a Relationship

3 Things Every Man Needs in a Relationship

1. The first must of a great relationship is having your purpose.

If you’ve been following relationship narratives, then you’ll know that where most guys lose the respect of a woman is when they give up their purpose to cater to her.

And while guys have a tendency to focus on her, make sure she’s okay, and act as her knight in shining armour…this kills the relationship.

Great women want to see you succeed in life. They don’t want to become “your everything” because, by default, this means taking you away from your purpose.

I’m not talking about ignoring a woman in pursuit of your goals, but rather having your purpose as your guiding direction through life and your relationship.

“Does this serve my purpose? Yes, or no?”

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2. The second must in a great relationship is communication.

Communicating effectively is what will help get you through any challenges and blow past them to unlock deeper meaning and fulfilment from your relationship.

Because at the start of the relationship, there’s the beginning honeymoon phase where everything is great and perfect, and both partners are as happy as they can be.

But when this phase ends and fights inevitably start to occur, you have to know how to get past them with the use of effective listening, stress management and emotional awareness.

3. The third must in a great relationship is being consistent.

It’s no big secret that women test men.

They might turn what seems to be a small issue into a large issue or create drama for no reason.

As guys, this frustrates us and confuses us to no end.

But the reason women test men is that women need to make sure they’re with a strong man.
If he can’t handle her little tests, how is he going to handle the rest of what life throws at him?

That’s why you have to be consistent, to remain unreactive, whether or not her mood changes. Being consistent is what allows her to trust your strength as a man.

After the initial attraction of the relationship, she needs to make sure that you’re still the same guy that attracted her in the first place.

So there you have it – three musts to a great relationship (having your purpose; communication, and being consistent)

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A relationship with the woman of your dreams won’t always be 100% easy.

But if it’s easy, then it won’t be worth it.

Things Every Man Needs in a Relationship

3 Forms of Emotional Support Needed in Marriage

A marriage relationship is supposed to provide physical, behavioural, as well as cognitive forms of emotional support.

Let’s take a quick dive into each form…

#1: Physical Support

Physical forms include intimate exchanges of affection such as cuddling, kissing, hugging and sexual contact.

#2: Behavioural Support

Behavioural forms include actions that show caring or being there for the other, such as spending time with the other or helping the other out of a difficult situation.

#3: Cognitive Support

Cognitive forms involve such things as having patience, listening, providing feedback on problems of living, and empathizing.

Thank you for reading. I hope this piece will make you a super attractive man!



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