Top 35 Bookfi Alternatives (Best Alternatives to

Bookfi Alternatives: is loaded with an abundance of books in almost all fields of life. With bookfi you can access this vast content anytime, any day, for free. Bookfi is an excellent multilingual online library. It originated in Russia.

You may also want other great alternatives to Bookfi, where you can also easily download free ebooks. They are so numerous. The collections are listed below:

Bookfi Alternatives

Top 35 Bookfi Alternatives

Here are the top 35 Bookfi alternatives:

1. Bookboon

One of Bookfi alternatives is Bookboon.

Bookboon is the largest publisher of ebooks. This makes it a perfect alternative to Bookfi. Bookboon provides a good platform for non-expensive knowledge acquisition. Its eBooks are available in languages such as French, Swedish, English, German, Czech, Spanish and many more. The site is super easy to navigate, and it requires no registration whatsoever.

The site also has free, high-quality academic textbooks for students grouped into different categories, such as Engineering, Accounting, Natural Sciences, languages, and Marketing. For people who are looking for eBooks to buy, Bookboon has a premium section with a 30-day free trial.

Interestingly, the eBooks in Bookboon are under 50 pages to help promote easy and quick reading habits.

The unique thing about it is that Bookboon books have star ratings and user reviews which can help guide the reader on whether what they want to read is good or not.

Try Bookboon out and share your experience in the comment section.

Visit Bookboon Website at

2. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a search engine that gives users unlimited access to places where they can find eBooks. has about 550,000 modern eBooks. All you need do is create a free account to read any of these books.

What makes Internet Archive the best alternative to Bookfi is that it has books in DAISY file format specifically for disabled individuals. And just like Bookfi net, Internet Archive is a non-profit website that aims to make knowledge accessible to anyone from any part of the world.

Get a fantastic experience with it!

Visit the website here @

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the great Bookfi alternatives.

Gutenberg currently has over 60,000 free eBooks for your appreciation. It allows you to access free EPUB books, read your preferred book online via HTML, or download it onto your internet-enabled device and read it later during your free time.

While most of the books in Gutenberg are in English, you can also read through the site in other languages, such as Deutsch, Francais, and Portuguese. The significant part about the eBooks on this site is that they do not require any unique apps or devices to read because they are compatible with most computers and mobile devices. Also, you are free to read and distribute books that are in the public domain. If you prefer computer-read audiobooks, then project Gutenberg has an even more comprehensive selection that will satisfy most book lovers.

Wouldn’t you want to try it out? Check the website here @

4. B-OK

One of the best alternatives to Bookfi, B-OK, is a website you will have trouble letting go of.

You can download over 3 million books and over 75 million articles and publications. That’s massive!

For your academic research, go to B-OK. Know for sure what you want and search for the author’s name and year of publication, and B-OK will make the material available. 


Visit B-OK here at

5. Ebook Bike

Do you know that Ebook Bike will make you cycle through their library in 5th gear? That’s too good to be true! Their site contains many benefits, including Categories to sort out the genres on the left, lovely large images of book covers, and a quick way to download. This will get you excited!

You will find everything, from obscure authors that you thought you would not encounter online to some of the most popular big shots of the genre. You will be satisfied with the simple navigation and convenient style. Try this website out. It honestly has a minor downside to it.

Visit ebook bike at,searchoption:books,page:2.html

6. ManyBooks

ManyBooks is a great library that fits your pocket!

Fortunately, this site has over 33,000 eBooks in genres such as children’s content, horror, romance, biographies, literature, teen, young adults, cooking and health.

Many of the books available are free, and you can effortlessly search books based on genres, authors, language, etc.

The user can read the free ebooks available from various platforms like iPod, ebook reader or PDA, making Manybooks an excellent alternative to Bookfi. It has many download formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.

Check out the ManyBooks website at

7. EBook3000

eBook3000 is another excellent alternative to Bookfi.

With ebook3000, you can search any book by its category, its genre and its ISBN code. That will make your life much easier!

Visit EBook3000 at

8. SmashWords

Do you want free ebooks? Go to Smashwords. The site allows readers to read books in various formats like online reading, PDF, Epub, Kindle, Palm doc, RTF and Plain text.

The website makes it easier for you to find a book using the newest price and length options.

Under any length category, you can get an eBook with less than 20,000 words or over 100,000 words.

Currently, the site has over 78,000 free books.

The remarkable thing about Smashwords is that it has the adult filter option that will obscure any books with adult content. This is great for parents who want to restrict content that is not suitable for kids.

Registration and Account activation for a reader takes minutes, after which you get access to all the available free and premium eBooks.

Lovers of ebooks, what are you waiting for? Visit Smashwords at

9. Sci-Hub

Another great Bookfi alternative is Sci-Hub.

Sci-Hub is a non-profit and ad-free shadow library website that provides free and open access to over 85.4 million scientific articles and research papers, bypassing publishers’ paywalls and restrictions through various means.

Visit Sci-Hub at

10. Free

Free is one of the best alternatives to This is because the site has an excellent user interface and a wide range of eBooks in different categories. Using the search button, you can find your eBook using the author’s name or title of their works. You can read books from new authors and keep track of your favorite releases.

Apart from eBooks, they also have audiobooks for both kids and adults. The long list of categories allows the reader to quickly find an eBook in sections that include fiction, classics, children’s audiobooks, textbooks and academic works. To start reading an eBook on this site, you need to register and activate your account. Then click on the book you want and choose either PDF or TXT as your ideal format.

The site’s homepage is convenient for finding books using lists. These include featured eBooks, the latest audiobooks or a Top 10 list that keeps you updated on any releases by independent writers.

Look for your favorite book when you visit

11. Library Genesis

Library Genesis, also known as Libgen, is another tremendous Bookfi alternative site. To search for the book you want, you type in the author’s name or title, and different versions of the eBook will be displayed by the site. You can also use the publisher, year of publication, ISBN, and language to narrow down your eBook search.

Visit Library Genesis now at

12. Amazon Free Kindle Books

Amazon Kindle is a Bookfi alternative that has thousands of free books available in different genres. It has book reviews and rating features also. Its genre ranges from romance to classics to thrillers and literature.

Have fun reading at

13. Read-Any-Book

As the name implies, with “Read-Any-Book,” you can read any book.

On the site, you will have categories and a bunch of popular books, but you will also see other users’ comments and reviews, which many websites about ebooks lack.

Read-Any-Book will also allow downloading any piece in any preferable file.

Try it out today at

Don’t forget to share your comments.

14. Ebook-Dl

This exciting website is also a Bookfi alternative.

The peculiar thing about Ebook-Dl is the number of newspapers that you can find. You will find some great stuff in various languages as well as entertainment and science magazines.

15. Ebook

A good Bookfi alternative, Ebook is more of a search engine and aggregate for finding some books and publications in the darkest depths of the internet.

This an excellent website for your trial! Visit it today at

16. BookSee

BookSee is another excellent website for downloading free ebooks that originated from Russia. It offers a massive database of books in an abundance of easily downloadable languages.

Visit and Search BookSee at

17. Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a website that lets you search for, download, and upload torrents. Download music, movies, games, software and much more. An alternative to Bookfi. 

Check the Pirate Bay website:

18. BTDigg

BTDigg is a BitTorrent DHT search engine. It analyses the DHT network in real time and provides full-text search over active torrents! Great way to get an ebook.

Get started here at

19. arXiv®

arXiv® is a free distribution service and an open archive for scholarly articles in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems Science, and economics.

Try it out as an alternative to Bookfi. Here at

20. ScienceDirect  @

As the name implies, ScienceDirect provides subscription-based access to an extensive database of scientific and medical research. It hosts over 12 million pieces of content from 3,500 academic journals and 34,000 ebooks. A great alternative to Bookfi for our lovers of Science!


21. Zenodo

Zenodo was built and developed by researchers to ensure that everyone can join in Open Science and catch-all repository for EC-funded research. A great place for researchers.

Visit Zenodo at

22. Libgen Desktop

Libgen Desktop is a Windows application for browsing a local copy of the LibGen catalog. The primary (non-fiction), fiction and scientific articles (scimag) LibGen collections are supported. A great resource of online materials!

Get started at

23. is an online platform to get some fantastic magazines in PDF format on different topics. You can also download daily newspapers of any region in PDF format. You can freely download magazines and newspapers from this site.

Try it out for your enjoyment! Here at


Lover of a novel? is an online source for downloading various novels from famous authors worldwide in PDF format. And for free! is a non-profited platform where new authors are also encouraged to share their writing pieces. You can also, as an unknown author, donate your PDF-format books on this site.

Visit at

25. is an excellent platform that provides you with the links and pages to every book that has been published. This makes it an excellent Bookfi alternative.

This editable library catalog builds and lists web pages for every new and old book that is published. You can download your favorite books on any topic from these affiliated web pages. It is all for free!

Log in here at

26. provides its visitors with magazines from all over the world. These magazines by are based on every topic like lifestyle, technical, showbiz and celebrities, business, and even more. You can get the latest updated news and information from these PDF-format magazines. 

Check out their website @

27. is an online platform for online ebooks, articles and magazines on every topic and subject.

Visit here


As a Multimedia Search Engine, searches the top sites present on the internet. It explores the top-listed media sites on the internet from one page. displays the result generated for each site on either a top-down list or in small-size horizontal frames.

Check it out here:

29. is best known for providing cheap online books for colleges and universities. This ebook platform has an extensive database of academic books in every format that might be helpful for students.

Available at

30. AlReader

If you don’t like reading books in hard copy, then AlReader is a multifunctional eBook reading app for you. The best thing about AlReader is that it is fully capable of reading eBooks in all formats.

A very interesting alternative to Bookfi. Available here at

31. Blio eBooks

Blio eBooks app is listed among those ebook-reading apps designed to simplify the reading experience of book lovers.

Get in here @

32. eReader Prestigio

eReader Prestigio is a multi-platform and multilingual text and audiobook reading application for Android devices. This book-reading app is available in almost twenty-five international languages and can read books in the same number of languages.

Website for access:

33. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a book-reading and book-downloading service offered by Google in limited countries. Maybe this service is not available in your country, but you can still try to check whether it is available in your country.

If it is available in your country, you can have instant access to millions of books. According to some independent sources at the moment, Google Play Books has one of the largest collections of eBooks in the world.


34. FreeBookSpot

Do you love to read books? This is specially designed for you. FreeBookSpot is one of the most popular ebook link libraries where you can find and download almost any kind of ebook without any cost.

This is a perfect solution o Bookfi. This solution consists of 90 different categories, and each type has its books that you can freely explore, save, and download without any limit.

It is free and does not require registration to download books, but you need to sign up with your name and email address if you want to add new books or write comments.

The site also has an advanced search box that helps you to find your favorite ebook in a second.

To your reading pleasure! Available here at

35. OverDrive Media Console

OverDrive media console is one of the great Bookfi alternatives.

This media console is an online platform that allows you to read ebooks and audiobooks for free through your local public library or school. It comes as an alternative to Hoopla and offers almost all the leading tools and features with an attractive interface where you can easily browse and read books anytime, anywhere, even without any internet connection.

With that description, this looks like an excellent alternative to Bookfi too.

This solution offers a massive collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines from your library using your phone device.

The collection on this application consists of several categories like fantasy, mystery, religion, romance, and others. Each one has its books, magazines, and other things that you can easily access, read, and download without any limit.

Visit here:

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