120 Amazing Collection of Isoko Names and Meanings

Isoko Wado! Iyeah! Are you looking for Isoko names and meanings?

The Isoko people though not too large in number, have a unique language known all over Nigeria. This article presents an amazing collection of Isoko names and meanings.

The Isokos are predominantly Christians and name their children after the acts and attributes of God. God is called “Oghene” in the Isoko language, and as such, you will find most Isoko names beginning or ending with Oghene.

The Isoko People

According to Wikipedia, the Isoko are a Nigerian indigenous ethnic group who live in the Isoko region of Delta and Bayelsa states.

The Isokos speak the Isoko language, a language of the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo family, which is also very linguistically similar to the Urhobo language, Epie-Atissa language and Engenni language.

The Isoko culture is related to several cultures in the Niger Delta – namely, Urhobo, Ijaw and Anioma.

Because Urhobo and Isoko are related in language and culture, invaders incorrectly labelled the Urhobo and Isoko cultural groups as “Sobo”. If the Isoko tribe had been a man, Urhobo would have been his twin brother.

Because of the strong influence of Western civilization, the majority of the Isoko people have become Christians. Nonetheless, traditional worship continues to thrive among them.

The Isoko ethnic group consists of nineteen clans: Uzere, Ozoro, Erowha, Owhe, Iyede, Okpe, Emede, Igbide, Emevor, Ofagbe, Ellu, Oyede, Umeh, Irri, Aviara, Olomoro, Enwhe, Okpolo and Oleh.

The Isoko region provides 28 percent of crude oil and gas to the Nigerian economy.

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Isoko Names and Meanings

The Isoko people have beautiful names. Are you looking for a nice Isoko name for your child? Or perhaps, you just want to know the meaning of an Isoko name? We got you covered.

Below is a collection of Isoko names and meanings:

  1. AziakponoI have come to life
  2. ArerosuogheneTrust in God
  3. OkiemuteMy time has come
  4. OghenekomenoGod has given me (God’s gift)
  5. OrevaogheneGod’s will
  6. AghoghoHappiness
  7. OghoghozinoHappiness has come
  8. Elohor – Meekness
  9. EwomaGoodness
  10. EwomazinoGoodness has come
  11. EloLight
  12. ElozinoLight has come
  13. OgheneyoleGod answers prayers
  14. IghoWealth
  15. IghomituwoMy wealth has come home
  16. OvieKing
  17. OviemunoA king has been crowned
  18. OghaleBlessing
  19. OkeGift
  20. OghaleogheneGod’s blessings
  21. EviMultiplication
  22. EviogheneGod’s Blessings
  23. EseGood Gift
  24. EseogheneGod’s Good Gift
  25. OgheneroThere is God (God dey)
  26. Oghenerie (same as Oghenero) – God exists
  27. AkpoLife
  28. AkpomeMy life
  29. AkporobaroLife is ahead
  30. ObaroForward, front or ahead
  31. IruoWork
  32. IruogheneGod’s work
  33. OkerogheneGod’s time
  34. AvuraLet’s leave it
  35. AvurakogheneLeave it for God
  36. OvuzorieEveryone has his or her own destiny
  37. AkpofureLife is now peaceful
  38. OghenevizeGod’s sent
  39. OkpakoElder or senior
  40. OgheneovoOnly God
  41. UdumebrayeMy presence gives them heartache
  42. EdeworTraditional day of worship
  43. UfuomaPeace
  44. Ufuoma-ogheneGod’s peace
  45. OnajiteThis is sufficient
  46. EnajiteThese are sufficient
  47. AkpotuThe world is for everyone
  48. OghaghaPower
  49. OgagaogheneGod’s Power
  50. EfeWealth
  51. DafeWealth
  52. OdafeWealthy person
  53. EfemenaThis is my wealth
  54. EfezinoWealth has come
  55. DafezinoWealth has come
  56. EdefeWealthy people
  57. Dafenone or DafenineToday’s wealth
  58. DafetaTalk of the rich
  59. Oke-ogheneGod’s gift
  60. IghoMoney
  61. IghofimoniMoney ends brotherhood
  62. IghomuedafeMoney Intoxicates the wealthy
  63. OghomenaThis is my respect
  64. Omovigho/OmonighoChild is better than money
  65. OnoriodeWho knows tomorrow
  66. OvokerieEveryone has his own time
  67. UyoyoLove
  68. EgwoloLove
  69. OrezimenaThis is what I desire
  70. MajiriogheneLet us praise God
  71. AjiriPraise
  72. AjirioghenoPraise God
  73. MazinoWe are here
  74. OnomeThis is mine
  75. UsiwomaGoodness
  76. OrowoFaith
  77. EjiroPraise
  78. Ejiro-oghenePraise God
  79. MairoGreatest or biggest
  80. OghenemairoGod is the greatest
  81. Omo-efeChild of wealth
  82. OnanefeThis is wealth
  83. EdekiMarket day
  84. EferobomeMy own wealth
  85. EfetoboreI now have wealth
  86. Odirin/EdirinPatience
  87. AfokeLeave it
  88. Afoke-oghene Leave it for God
  89. OchukoSupport
  90. OgheneochukoGod is my support
  91. MamuzoGoodluck
  92. UzuazoraroGod dey front
  93. KaroFirst
  94. OghenekaroGod first
  95. OnimaroMother is the greatest
  96. OgheneruonaGod did this
  97. FegiroWorthy to be Praised
  98. OghenefegiroGod is worthy to be praised
  99. FeghoWorthy to be worshipped
  100. OghenefeghoGod is worthy to be served.
  101. TegaGood to be Served
  102. Oghenemine I’m looking unto God
  103. UzeziGoodluck
  104. Utobore I’ve gotten my desire
  105. UtobojuoonaI’ve gotten my desire
  106. OgheneJiteMy God is Sufficient
  107. AdighejiPillar of the house
  108. AkonaweLet the teeth laugh
  109. EdoghoghoDay of joy
  110. EjiroroLet’s discuss ideas
  111. EroreziGood thoughts
  112. OgagaogheneGod’s Power
  113. OgheneobakpororoGod’s thinking is different from man’s thinking
  114. OghenetegaGod is worthy to be served
  115. OghenebrumeGod decided in my favour
  116. OghenevwedeGod owns the day
  117. Odibo – Disciple (Servant)
  118. Obiebi – Dark (Black)
  119. OfuafoWhite
  120. Okposo (Okposio)Heavy rain

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