Things to Avoid When Fasting and Praying

There are a few things to avoid when fasting and praying.

Prayer and fasting are practised periodically via the Bible. Fasting is not a Christian diet, you should not fast to lose weight, although weight loss is a natural side effect. If one does not associate prayer with fasting, one does not need to fast.

We see God’s people in both the Old Testament and New Testament fast and pray in order to seek God’s face and what He is calling them to. Read more about this in Matthew 4, Esther 4, Nehemiah 9.

Giving up food alone means simply starving. When fasting, one concentrates on prayer and the Word of God. Fasting is empty without the main component of prayer.

There are several ways to fast and pray but one needs to pray to know God’s mind concerning which one he/she should do. The ways include Water only fast, Juice fast, Daniel fast (this fast consists of consuming mainly fruits, vegetables, and water), and Media fast.

When we pray during a fast, we set aside our physical concerns and diligently seek the heart of God through life-changing prayer.

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One does not fast in order to gain merit with God or to get rid of sin. There is only one thing that gives us merit with God and cleanses us from sin, the blood of Jesus.

Things to Avoid When Fasting and Praying

Avoiding certain things during fasting and prayers opens the way for your blessings. No matter how committed is your fasting and prayers, if you fail to avoid these things, it would jeopardize your fasting and makes it a speck of dust before God. Below are the things to avoid when fasting and praying:

  1. Avoid idolatry
  2. Avoid social media contents that are unhealthy to the heart
  3. Avoid uncleanness
  4. Don’t try to replace food with water
  5. Avoid worldly gestures and dressing
  6. Don’t drink alcohol
  7. Don’t forget your prayer guide for focus and direction
  8. Avoid backbite
  9. Avoid acidic fruits
  10. Avoid envy
  11. Avoid lying and stealing
  12. Avoid bad conversation that promotes sins or sexual desires
  13. Avoid variance and hatred
  14. Don’t hold grudges or malice or any form of negativity towards your neighbour
  15. Avoid adultery
  16. Avoid unforgiveness
  17. Avoid selfish prayers
  18. Avoid quarrelling
  19. Avoid sin in every form
  20. Avoid conflict with your spouse or anyone
  21. Avoid spiritual and physical opposition
  22. Avoid hypocrisy
  23. Avoid indiscretion to exposure to people and things
  24. Avoid greediness
  25. Avoid stinginess
  26. Avoid jealousy
  27. Don’t announce your fast
  28. Avoid fornication
  29. Avoid disobedience
  30. Avoid heresies and seditions
  31. Avoid self-pity
  32. Avoid meaningless/unproductive engagements
  33. Avoid weak bible study life
  34. Avoid evil imagination
  35. Avoid pride and anger
  36. Avoid unbelief and doubt
  37. Avoid breaking your fast rapidly/with hard food


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