Facebook Event Reminder: How to Set and View FB Reminders

Facebook reminders can be used to create reminders for events through FB messenger.

This is unarguably one of the best features in the Facebook app although many people out there are yet to know about it. This feature work in such a way that it sends the reminder to anyone who is included in the conversation thread through Messenger.

Despite the fact that the reminder via Facebook Messenger features from the Messenger app for some reasons best known to FACEBOOK INC, there are other ways you can use in setting up as Facebook Reminder for those you want to remind about upcoming activities.

So if you have been seeking to know how to set Facebook reminders for that your upcoming event, then see everything you need to know right now!

How to Set Reminders in Facebook Messenger

To successfully set up Facebook remember on messenger, kindly follow the below-given steps to get that done at ease.

  1. Login to your Facebook account using the Facebook Messenger app.
  2. Look for a conversation that includes a date and time in it.
  3. Messenger will help you out by underlining the text that it recognizes as a date and time.
  4. After that, tap the underlined text.
  5. Choose “Set Event Reminder” if you want the reminder to go off at an exact time or select a Different Time if you want to set the reminder to go off 15 minutes or so before the set event.
  6. If you select the latter option, you can set the reminder for any desired date and time.

Once you are done following the above given steps, the reminder will be displayed at the header part of the screen while you have the conversation open. You can tap it to give the event reminder a title.

How to View Upcoming Reminders and Events on Facebook

If you’ve forgotten the details of a particular event and you want to you can access the reminder, just follow the outlined steps below;-

  1. Navigate to your Facebook home page.
  2. Select “Events” from the left-hand menu.
  3. You will see past and future events listed on the Events page.
  4. Select one to add a note or modify it.

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