Buff Bunny’s Net Worth 2022

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Buff Bunny's Net Worth

Buffbunny, the online alias of fitness model and businesswoman Heidi Somers, is a sponsored athlete.

Heidi Somers, popular as Buff Bunny, lives in the United States. She’s a fitness expert, businesswoman, YouTuber, and Instagram sensation. The videos she posts on her YouTube channel have become rather popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Buff Bunny’s Net Worth

Although Buff Bunny’s net worth is unknown to the general public, networthspot.com estimates it to be around $100,000.

The projection of $100,000 is solely dependent on YouTube ad revenue. In truth, Buff Bunny’s net worth can be far more. If we consider all of her income sources, Buff Bunny’s net worth might reach $250,000.

No verified sources state how much the fitness guru is worth. However, according to WealthyPersons, she has an alleged net worth of $400,000.


On March 14, 1989, she entered this world at North Pole, Alaska. Heidi and her five younger siblings all received their education at home.

Somers enrolled at a public high school when he was 16 years old.

She went to college in Texas at the ripe age of twenty-one.

Heidi had to work three jobs while in college to pay for her education.

Career and previous life

A renowned fitness blogger in the United States, she regularly shocks her followers by posting before and after images of herself. A true Arctic native, she grew up in the Arctic. She eventually left and made San Antonio, Texas, her permanent home.

However, Heidi isn’t her parents’ only child. She is one of five siblings. There are also three sisters and two brothers in addition to her. She also recently welcomed a niece, Audrey.

After deciding to leave her birthplace and travel to Texas to further her education, Heidi worked as a waitress, barista, and receptionist to support herself financially while she attended college.

To make ends meet, she worked four jobs at once. At that point in her life, she weighed significantly more than she should have. When she decided to get in shape, she began a regimen of regular exercise and gym visits.

Since then, exercise has been her companion long before she settled on making it her career. She was a fitness fanatic and eventually turned that into her profession.

Marital Status

Everyone is interested in the love lives of their favourite celebrities, especially when learning who they are dating or engaged to.

Heidi, a fitness fanatic, is seeing Christian Guzman now. She and he aren’t engaged just yet.

Networking sites

Heidi has an extremely dedicated fan base across her various social media channels. The public finds her inspirational because of the way she has changed. That’s why she advises the individuals that follow her on social media.

  • In her Verified Instagram account, she has 1.6 million people following. Her Instagram can be found with the ID @buffbunny.
  • She owns another channel, another account and Instagram with the ID @heidisomersfit. There she has 162 K followers.
  • She also owns a blue ticked Facebook ID with 1.3M followers. Her Facebook account is on her name itself.
    Her self-titled YouTube channel has about 761K subscribers In 447 videos.

She founded BuffBunny, a fitness and fashion brand, to combine her two interests.

She often shares videos of herself working out and practising with Anllela Sagra, another roommate who is a fitness nut.

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